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the scuba coach

what we do.

In 2013, The Scuba Coach was founded with the primary objective to revolutionise the diving experience of Brisbane & Gold Coast divers of all experience levels.

With access to some of the most sought-after reefs and dive spots in the world, tours were designed to bring the diving community together, provide education and foster connection among participants on all dives.

Today, The Scuba Coach has transitioned from an active diving operator into a social diving community and central national referral network for diving courses, dive trips and dive travel.

How it all started

our history.

2013 – The Scuba Coach was born as a network for independent diving instructors. From here, we have built and incredible community, frequently organising social dive trips, liveaboards and weekends away by partnering with local dive shops.

2017Gold Coast Dive Adventures was launched as a side project. Providing offshore diving for certified divers, across hundreds of trips, thousands of divers have explored the Gold Coast reefs and wrecks even exploring and mapping undiscovered dive sites. 

2018 – The launch of Sea the Gold Coast to provide small group eco-tours including whale watching and research adventures. 

The Scuba Coach itself transitioned to a national referral network and booking desk for dive trips and courses across Queensland.

2020 – The sale of Gold Coast Dive Adventures. Due to the success and continuous growth of GCDA, The Scuba Coach owner Matt Hollstein was not able to pay this venture the attention it requires to continue on this journey. Gold Coast Dive Adventures is now in the enthusiastic hands of Harry Cottrell and Seb Lovera and continues to be the benchmark for all Gold Coast Dive Centres.

2021 – The Scuba Coach has returned to its roots, focusing yet again on the social aspects of diving. Day dive trips, weekends away, Gold Coast Seaway shore dives and more is our key focus today. We of course have an incredible network of diving professionals and can help with any training needs from learn to dive through to instructor development.

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“You can’t force people to care about the natural environment, but if you encourage them to connect with it, they just might.” — Jennifer Nini