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Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to booking a dive with us.

How do I book a Dive? Do I need to phone you?

Book and pay your dive online here on our website. Visit our Events Page and simply follow the prompts. We often have wet hands and therefore aim to provide all the information here online. Welcome to the future of booking dives :-). If you still have a question, email us.

I want to dive tomorrow. What’s available?

Most of our dives advertised on our event site and display life availability with instant booking confirmations. Please note that we are a social diving community and may not have a trip available tomorrow. If you get stuck, simply email us.

I have booked a dive. Where do we meet and when?

This is the most common and important question to get answered for you. You would have received a booking confirmation via email with all the details you need. If you are unsure, simply visit the event page to read up on all the details such as times, locations etc. Also make sure you are checking your junk mail folder in case you have not received a booking confirmation.

I have booked a dive but need to cancel. Can I do so and how?

This is possible unless it is travel or a weekend trip in which case we will need to find a replacement for your spot. In the first instance please email us ASAP so that we have as much time as possible to help you out. Day Dive Trips have a cancellation policy between 3 to 7 days depending with the trip. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page to read our detailed Cancellation Policy.

Why are the cancellation policies so strict?

Dive bookings are like concert tickets or air fares. For us to run a sustainable business and offer lowest prices, we simply can’t accept last minute cancellations as our available spots on boats are limited. There are 2 worst case scenarios for a small operator:

  1. The trip was low on numbers and your cancellation causes that the trip now has not enough participants to depart. If this were to occur on short notice, the operator would still need to run the trip at a loss as it is too late to cancel all other participants on short notice.
  2. The trip was fully booked and the operator had already turned down other booking enquiries. Your last minute cancellation now causes a shortfall in income without the chance to resell your spot.

We are fully aware that loosing money for missing a dive always disappoints however it would be unfair if the operator has to wear this risk. This would require him to load rates with substantial risk allowances similar to fully flexible airfares which are always more expensive than the cheapest possible fare that most of us prefer to book.

I don’t do internet and email. Can I still book a dive somehow?

Whilst we are organised to avoid the need to call us, you sure can do so if you prefer however, our strong preference is to utilise the online booking process. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings as you can clearly see on the screen what you book including all terms and conditions. Even if we take your booking over the phone, we will still email you a booking confirmation and require a credit card payment over the phone. Our phone number is 07 3040 7848. Please note that we often have wet hands so we may need to call you back.

Why should I book with you and not directly with the operator you recommend?

You will find that The Scuba Coach will advertise dives at the same price as the recommended operator does in most instances.

Further more, our dive trips our group trips which means we are chartering whole boats for our divers. If you were to book directly, you will not be on our exclusive boat and likely on another vessel.

What is the water temperature in South East Queensland?

The winter water temperature in In South East Queensland gets as low as 18 degrees between June and October and rises to about 24-26 degrees during the summer months. Further north, the water temperature will not fall under 22 degrees and will remain at a comfortable level all year round. Most divers wear a 5mm to 7mm thick wetsuit in winter and 3mm in summer.

What are your terms and conditions?
Are you a proper dive shop with insurance and so on?

Yes we are – Whilst we chose not to rent a fancy shop front, we nevertheless have the same insurances as any other dive shop should have. We also operate under a strict health and safety management system in compliance with the Queensland Code of Practice for recreational diving and we only use respected diving operators for our trips so you are ‘double safe’. We are around since 2013 and have established and operated dive centres and other charter businesses. Have read on our about page to find out more about us.

Do you teach advanced courses yourself or do you just refer to others?

We work with several local dive centres and refer our course enquiries to them.

The Scuba Coach owner, Matt only teaches private PADI classes with a maximum of 2 participants. The total package price for this exclusive course is $1995 for 2 divers. Your dives will be at the Gold Coast and North Stradbroke Island.

Do you sell dive equipment?

No, not directly. We may offer useful consumables at times such as log books, signalling devices etc. however, we do not sell equipment at the moment. We do encourage you to support local dive businesses who are often able to match any online price. Simply ask!

We are currently working with a couple of dive centres on an alliance style dive gear supply and distribution network in the background. Watch this space!