Faq – Dive Trips

How do I book a Dive? Do I need to phone you?

Book and pay your dive online. Simply follow the prompts on our site and observe the ‘select’, ‘learn more’ or ‘book now’ buttons. Our booking system is simple and displays live availability for most products hence, you do not need to contact us to confirm anything. Once you have booked, you will receive a booking confirmation via email followed by reminder emails 7days, 3days and 24h prior to your dive. Welcome to the future of booking dives :-).

I want to dive tomorrow. What’s available?

Most of our dives advertised on our site display life availability with instant booking confirmations. We also have calendars with featured products on display for each region. Simply click on the product on the calendar for more info and to book online.

How do I know whether there are spots left on a specific dive trip?

Most of our dives advertised on our site display life availability with instant booking confirmations. Simply commence the booking process in order to check availability or browse the calendar for each region. If life availability is not displayed simply book online nevertheless and we will confirm availability within 2-4 hours (during business hours).

I have booked a dive. Where do we meet and when?

You would have received a booking confirmation via email with all the details you need including a map and a link for directions. You also will receive 3 reminder emails i.e. 7 days, 3 days and 24h prior to your dive. These emails include a map, meeting time, items booked, payments, terms and conditions and a link for directions. Please note that the times advertised are always meeting times and not boat departure times.

I have booked a dive but need to cancel. Can I do so?

All dives are subject to our cancellation policy which varies depending with the specific trip or course. Refer to your booking confirmation email or reminder email and scroll down to the bottom of the page in order to find the applicable cancellation policy. It usually is 5 days for day trips. All cancellations must be received by us via email. Simply reply to your booking confirmation.

Why are the cancellation policies so strict?

Dive bookings are like concert tickets or air fares. For us to run a sustainable business and offer lowest prices, we simply can’t accept last minute cancellations as our available spots on boats are limited. There are 2 worst case scenarios for an operator:

  1. The trip was low on numbers and your cancellation causes that the trip now has not enough participants to depart. If this were to occur on short notice, the operator would still need to run the trip at a loss as it is too late to cancel all other participants on short notice.
  2. The trip was fully booked and the operator had already turned down other booking enquiries. Your last minute cancellation now causes a shortfall in income without the chance to resell your spot.

We are fully aware that loosing money for missing a dive always disappoints however it would be unfair if the operator has to wear this risk. This would require him to load rates with substantial risk allowances similar to fully flexible airfares which are always more expensive than the cheapest possible fare that most of us prefer to book.

I don’t do internet and email. Can I still book a dive somehow?

Whilst we are organised to avoid the need to call us, you sure can do so if you prefer however, our strong preference is to utilise the online booking process. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings as you can clearly see on the screen what you book including all terms and conditions. Even if we take your booking over the phone, we will still email you a booking confirmation and require a credit card payment over the phone. Our phone number is 07 3040 7848. Please note that we often have wet hands so we may need to call you back.

Why should I book with you and not directly with the operator you recommend?

You will find that The Scuba Coach will advertise dives and course at the same price as the recommended operator does in most instances. Furthermore, we help you making a choice by sharing our experience with you and we provide a streamlined booking process with excellent customer service prior to the trip and after. Many of our recommended operators require you to call where on our site you are simply able to book online and we will make all the arrangements for you. We hope you honer this service and will therefore book through us ;-).

What is the water temperature in Qld?

The winter water temperature in In South East Queensland gets as low as 18 degrees between June and October and rises to about 24 degrees during the summer months. Further north, the water temperature will not fall under 22 degrees and will remain at a comfortable level all year round. Most divers wear a 5mm to 7mm thick wetsuit in winter and 3mm in summer.

I haven’t been diving in a while. Can I still sign up for a dive?

There is no standard answer and this will depend on a number of things such as how many dives do you have in total, what certification level are you at, how long have you been out of the water and how confident do you feel about your skills. The best initial advice is to contact us for a chat. That way we can establish which dive is suited best for you or whether a refresher course is recommended.

What are your terms and conditions?

All our terms can be viewed on our website. Simply scroll down to the bottom of any page and click on legal. As a condition of sale, you are required to agree to our terms and conditions when making a booking online but please be assured that our ground rules are reasonable measures to protect you, us and third parties in order to ensure we can offer great service at the lowest possible price. A copy of our terms are also included in our booking confirmation emails and reminder emails.

Are you a proper dive shop with insurance and so on?

Yes we are – Whilst we chose not to rent a fancy shop front, we nevertheless have the same insurances as any other dive shop should have including Dive Trade & Public Liability Insurance as well as Commercial Hull insurance for our vessels. We also operate under a strict health and safety management system in compliance with the Queensland Code of Practice for recreational diving.

I am a dive operator myself. Would you list my trips and courses?

We are certainly interested to help you promoting your products so please email us. There are certain conditions in respect to how you conduct training and dive trips and at which location. This is best discussed in person.

Do you sell dive equipment?

No, not directly. We may offer useful consumables at times such as log books, signalling devices etc. We offer equipment suppliers the opportunity to advertise on our site and we do encourage you to support local dive businesses who are often able to match any online price. Simply ask them!