About the Scuba Coach


Complete diving experiences, Gold Coast and beyond

In 2013, The Scuba Coach was founded with the primary objective to revolutionise the diving experience of Brisbane & Gold Coast divers of all experience levels.


With access to some of the most sought-after reefs and dive spots in the world, tours were designed to bring the diving community together, provide education and foster connection among participants on all dives.


Your one-stop-shop for diving experiences

Today, The Scuba Coach has transitioned from an active diving operator into a central national referral network for diving courses, dive trips and dive travel.


We partner with the most well-known dive shops and operators across Australia from Port Douglas to South Australia providing diving trips, diver education, dive travel and dive gear.


Offering the safest, most interactive dive trips for all levels of experience, together, with these organisations, we form a powerful alliance which makes diving fun, social and affordable.


Our partners all align with our values and beliefs, delivering an educational and community-based approach to diving across Australia.


Core values:

  • Build community spirit through diving
  • Commitment to leaving the ocean better than when we found it
  • Partner with companies aligned with our core values and beliefs


Gold Coast Dive Adventures

Gold Coast Dive Adventures is a PADI Dive centre specialising in offshore boat diving for certified divers.


Previously a sister company to The Scuba Coach, Gold Coast Dive Adventures is the highest review-rated dive centre on the Gold Coast and is now a trusted partner, dedicated to providing an integrated diving experience.


With a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and increasing community among divers, our dive tours are unique. Rather than focus on the numbers, we’ve reduced our maximum participant size to enhance learning opportunities in an intimate setting so that all participants get the most out of every trip.


To find out more about partnering with The Scuba Coach to help build the diving community across Australia, contact us today.

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